The Friends I Have & the Choices I've Made

by ThirdCoast

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released December 21, 2013

Recorded, produduced, & mastered by Titus Kirby of Dead.Last
All lyrics written by Jesse Avalos

ThirdCoast is:
Jesse Avalos- Vocals
Ben Consulta- Guitar & Vocals
Danny Rice- Guitar
Zach Fleming- Bass
Tyler Johnson- Drums



all rights reserved


ThirdCoast Arlington, Texas

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Track Name: Color Panel
I let your words put me down
And just watched my actions pull me under
I witnessed my passion my break my bones
While my heartache left me alone
You said my hopes and dreams were empty and I guess they go hand in hand with the promises you couldn't keep.
Track Name: Closed Minded
Feeling let down by those genetically engineered to love you always coming in second became more of a home than a place and finding a home in your disappointment never became easier and the term "family" has never been tossed around so easily. Mother and father I promise to make you proud, but for now I have to do what brings me satisfaction ,
call me arrogant call me selfish call me idiotic at best, but at least I can go to sleep knowing that when I look at my own reflection I don't hate myself but see a spitting a image of what you never were proud of,I could change my direction and follow the path that you expected, and just throw this all away, but for the first time in a long time i feel a sense of comfort. I'm not writing this to make you sad, but simply to interpret what I could never share with you and I don't write to impress
but simply express how all I want in life is a bit of happiness and acceptance. I’ve become familiar with the feeling of never being good enough a reminder that the possibility of making you proud
was withered down by the words of the ones that were supposed to love me unconditionally. I’ve been swallowed whole by the idea that
I’ll be on a constant search for your approval, but this is who I am, this is my life, my friends have taken place of your love and I no longer need you
If actions speak louder than words then ill stay silent and let my life be heard.
Track Name: Opened Heart
You came into my life like summer rain
Unexpected but always welcome
And though our paths strayed apart you still had part of my heart
I suppose what I felt was genuine
The loved we shared was a beautiful specimen
I'm trying to find an alternative medicine to fill the void left behind made by the memories of the time we spent... together
This love was cracked but not broken
And I'm hoping it can be mended back together
Maybe not to perfection but at least still there
What was once so sure is slowing turning to a blur
And I'm beginning to fear not being able to feel reassured by the love you once so willing gave.... me.
I was ready to drop it all for the slightest possibility
that one day I would be
i would able to make you as happy as you once made me
I still cherish the friend ship that started it all
A simple question of how's it going sparked a summer love
I write this in the hope of getting back the love I lost At any cost
Cause finding you was no incident
And falling in love with you was no mistake
Track Name: More Than Life
16 and so afraid of my own thoughts
feeling misguided by every ones judgment
I turned to self-harm just so I could live on,
misinterpreting pain for relief.
the daily struggle between life and death became such a nuisance
That deciding to place this noose around my neck
seemed like the only answer
giving up on life seemed so easy
when I felt so alone
While I was surrounding myself by building walls, my friends were building bridges, and somehow the love flowed through the ridges
and soon these walls began to crumble, I didn't think I'd have the strength to find my way out
but all your intentions were showing
all your souls were glowing
a path of light for me to stumble out of this self-made sorrow
I felt like there was a reason to strive through again
I found the meaning behind family in these friendships
and I couldn't have made it without you
my friends I owe you everything
I should be enjoying life
And it shouldn’t be so complicated
but I’ve been burdened with the fear of being my self
you gave me hope, you gave me love and you gave my life reason.
these words will never amount to the help you gave me
but it's ment to let you know that I'm thankful for what you've done
and it will never be forgotten